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                            "A World of Entertainment"          
WINTER  2012

Winter Entertainment

Bands, DJs, Dancers and Entertertainers of all Styles.
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Action Painters
This is a high-energy speed painting performance combining art, music and audience participation. Your guests will watch as paintings come to life on larger-than-life canvases. Paintings are choreographed to music and can be produced along with other live entertainment such as dance and musical performances. Enjoy as a pure spectator performance or with audience interaction.

Speed Painters
This is something your audience has never seen before. Every 3 minutes, this artist makes an incredible painting and gives it away to your guests - all while making them laugh at his funny antics. Painting after painting, for four hours, the show never stops. A great show and a great gift of "A Work of Art" for your clients.

Graffiti Artists
Graffiti Painting is a fresh look at event painting. You can make this an interactive event and get your guests involved, too. Our artists will tag your company logo, event slogan or other idea right in the mix of your event. Great for LA themed events or anywhere you want to give the illusion of an urban setting.

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Action Painters

Speed Painters 

Graffiti Artist

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