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Fall 2021

Entertainment Ideas
for your next special event

Electric Violinist &
Disc Jockey Solo Act
This hip electric violinist performs as a solo act while DJing or is available as a duo along side a DJ. Specializing in a fusion of rock, pop, classical and dance music, she seamlessly improvises to create new compositions on the fly. As a solo or duo act, she is sure to amaze.

Celebrity Lookalikes

Celebrity Lookalikes are the perfect entertainment addition for every event and every theme.
- greet guests as they arrive
- red carpet events
- mix & mingle events
- photo opportunities
- live shows
- sales meetings
- award dinners

Show Girls (1930s-1940s)
Flapper Dancers (1920s)
Chorus girls of a bygone era...the gals with the happy feet! With a nostalgic wink to flappers of the 1920's and bubbly chorus girls of the swinging 1930's & 1940's, these dancers captivate audiences with their intoxicating energy and dazzling display of top notch entertainment.

Electric Violin & Disc Jockey

Electric Violin & DJ

Celebrity Lookalikes
Celebrity Lookalikes  Celebrity Lookalikes

Show Girls / Flapper Dancers
Show Girls

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