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P u p p e t   &   M a r i o n n e t t e   S h o w s

Puppet & Marionette Show
Puppet Show 2
This show is comprised of unique puppet characters and staging and may include various puppetry styles - marionettes, rod puppets, life-size Bunraku-style puppets, hand puppets or shadow puppets. Innovative performance techniques as in Eastern Europes "Black Theater" enhance creative rod puppet performances. Unique control mechanisms allow refined manipulation of marionettes.

puppet show

Over 1800 performances are presented annually in venues ranging from large theater venues to private events. Educators and students from hundreds of schools each year give enthusiastic reviews as they enjoy and learn from the these programs. Art and music festivals spotlight the shows as an enjoyable experience for family audiences.

Since all productions require a high degree of performance skills, each puppeteer maintains proficiency by performing multiple productions in an active schedule of shows. Constant rehearsal and performance insure the high quality required by the company and presenters of the work.

Nationally known artists consult on scripts and set design while office staff oversees sales, marketing, publicity and maintenance of puppets. They have been touring for more than 25 years and is known for reasonable analysis of travel costs. Productions are designed for fast set-up and strike times, allowing for multiple venues in a single day. All are designed to travel by commercial air or van.

Just imagine the giggles, squeals of delight and ear to ear smiles on your child's face when they appear in the "Center Ring" of their very own puppet "circus", take a magical trip to an "enchanted toyshop" or visit a "wonderful world of puppets", with its many colorful and fun-loving characters. Fun for all ages.

With our portable stage, lights and sound system. We can perform with our friends in your home, backyard or even a neighborhood park. Just pick a date and a location, and we will see you there. Also ask about our larger show packages for fundraising events, malls and company parties.
Puppet Shows

These professional puppeteers have performed hundreds of shows in venues across California. They have worked with leading children's entertainment companies including The Jim Henson Company, PBS Kids Sprout, The Walt Disney Company and The Baby Einstein Company. Shows are completely self-contained with a sound system and wireless microphone.

Current Shows:

Forest Fables:
The Tortoise and the Hare
A cheerful troupe of imaginative woodland creatures performs whimsical plays based on classic fairy tales and Aesop's fables.

- 30-minute puppet show with behind-the-scenes demonstration
- 4-foot-wide-by-7-foot-high puppet stage
- Special button for the birthday boy or girl
- Coloring sheets for the children

Magical Misadventures of Walnut the Wizard:
When Walnut the Wizard wishes for a bigger workshop, a griffin, a goblin and a dragon each teach him to appreciate what he has.

- 30-minute puppet show with behind-the-scenes demonstration
- 4-foot-wide-by-7-foot-high puppet stage
- Special button for the birthday boy or girl
- Coloring sheets for the children

LIVE from the Ice Cube (Holiday Show):
Snowman Lance Iceberg hosts the most popular talent competition in the North Pole. Contestants from around the globe perform a variety of acts, from magic to rap, but there can be only one winner. It's up to the audience to decide who will perform LIVE from the Ice Cube!

- 45-minute puppet show with behind-the-scenes demonstration
- 8-foot-wide-by-8-foot-high puppet stage
- Audience participation
- Original holiday songs

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