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This improv troupe specializes in corporate comedy shows and creative training. 

Collectively, we have over 600 years of experience making everybody laugh and teaching folks how to make each other look good.  We perform improv comedy for the stage.  We teach improv skills for life.

Performing for over 25 years, we have been hired by 65 Fortune 500 companies, often repeatedly. We are time-tested, offering a unique brand of custom entertainment and education for all corporate and private events:


Teambuilding & Training
Holiday Parties
Award Shows
Interactive Keynotes
Custom Entertainment
Staff Retreats     
Musical Tributes

We travel the country and abroad, performing shows and workshops for companies, associations, and private events well over a hundred times each year.  So, think of us as portable laughter and "liquid" entertainment.  That is, we fill the shape of whatever container you put us into...with good, clean funny. For 20 years, we have been the place to find consistently funny, interactive, clean comedy for people of all ages. We have appeared on MADtv, Saturday Night Live, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Sarah Silverman Program, Jimmy Kimmel Live and many, many more. Our folks are the best in the business.

Show Choices
1.  Improv Sports Match
The referee explains the rules, the roles and ridiculousness that’s about to ensue. He introduces the teams and warms up the audience. The audience shouts suggestions to start each game, and occasionally volunteers to be a part of the show. The teams take turns playing various hilarious games, attempting to make the audience laugh the hardest.  Fouls are called to keep it fast-paced, family-friendly and hilarious.   The audience chooses their favorites and points are awarded. One team wins, and EVERYBODY LAUGHS!


2. U-sical is a full-length, improvised musical based on the life of an audience member! Audience members volunteer their own stories at the top of the show. Everybody votes for their favorite and we interview the winning storyteller. Without time to plan, the players take the stage and that personal story becomes a musical comedy, improvised in harmony! U-sical is always an audience favorite and a wonderful show to honor a corporate or family event. 


3. Musical Tribute
While most of what we do is improvised, we have a tremendous team of seasoned professional comedy writers.  This particular show is scripted. Prior to your event, our staff will interview loved ones and friends to glean information about the person being honored.  Then we will script a 12-15 minute custom musical montage set to favorite classic tunes.  On the day of your event, a handful of our lovely and talented performers will be hilarity in harmony, all in honor of your special guest or event.


4. Bedlam is a fantastic improv comedy show, themed to your choosing, usually to honor a specific holiday, industry, occasion or interest.  It's a non-competitive format and features some of your favorite players.  The comedy is often experimental and has few rules.  Bedlam features guest artists as well, such as stand-up comedians, novelty acts and musicians.  You never know what you'll see, but it's guaranteed to be both terrific and hilarious.

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