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Soccer Dogs


Soccer Dogs
Soccer Dogs
Perfect for "kids" of all ages, guests can't get enough of this activity with these very cool dogs! Interactive kids parties, expos, half-time events, concerts.

The kids play the goal keeper position as the Soccer Dogs bring the ball and score goals against the kids.

Included is our soccer field which is adjustable from 30 x 30 to 40 x 40 depending on how many soccer goals we connect together (post to post ) form our 'kennel.' It can be set up on pavement or grass and can handle several kids in each goal. Typically, we use between 4 and 7 goals to form the kennel, and 3 to 5 kids per goal for larger groups. Or, one person in each goal provides more action and more touches on the ball so it's more entertaining for older kids and adults. Great one on one activity or an interactive group activity for all ages. Wholesome family entertainment, a ball a kid and a dog with amazing soccer skills.

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