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Slow Motion Videos


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Our video station records five second video clips of your guests dancing, jumping, throwing confetti, or any fun activity and instantly transforms them into ultra slow-motion videos that can be uploaded onsite to Email, Facebook, or Twitter.


Experience: Instantly transform 5 seconds into the most epic 30 second experience of your life with our super slow motion video technology. Dance, throw confetti, jump through the air, go crazy – every nostalgic moment is intensified when experienced at 120 frames per second! If that isn’t enough, we instantly add a soundtrack to each video to underscore your incredible feat. Then you can share your experience with friends by uploading to Facebook, Twitter, or Email at our uploading kiosks and relive the fun. 

Space Required: 15 x 15 foot square space

Physical Setup: This setup consists of a 12 foot wide black or white backdrop that extends across 7 feet of floor space and stands 8 feet high. We bring studio lights to enhance the image quality and even skin tones so the guest appears to be in a high-fashion video shoot. Guests can upload from the touchscreen or a kiosk station can be assembled at a table for guests to interface with our uploading tablets.

Additional Features:

  • USB: Receive a flash drive of all your images.

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