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Action Painter Action Painter Action Painter Action Painter
Tom Petty Fleetwood

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This performer is a renowned artist who is rapidly gaining national attention for his mesmerizing, fast-paced performance art, in which he creates huge masterpieces, painted to music in just minutes.  He has performed from coast to coast, performed with major recording artists like blues legend, B.B. King and has entertained members of Congress and other national leaders.  His talents have been featured at dozens of nonprofit organizations that auction his paintings, raising tens of thousands of dollars for a host of worthy causes.

He absorbs the energy and rhythm of the music accompaning his show and translate that energy into a visual language on canvas. His work is a dance on canvas. When performing, he creates very large scale, finished paintings in a matter of minutes, often creating portraits of favorite musicians while accompanied either by their recorded music or a live band. Most often, his subjects are music legends or other public icons (such as John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Ray Charles, Carlos Santana, Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac), however he can also paint custom portraits for clients. A more dramatic or serious tone can be set with paintings such as a Phantom of the Opera theme.   

The artist usually paints the subjects upside down during the show to add to the audience experience and draw a big response when it is flipped upright in the end. He paints with his hands, two or three brushes at once using both hands, and sometimes uses a broom or literally throws paint at the canvas, depending upon the pace of the music. Show paintings are approximately 6 ft. tall by 5 ft. wide.  Each can be painted in approximately 12 - 13 minutes.



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