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Juggler #1



This variety circus entertainer specializes in interactive, whimsical, & skill-driven entertainment. He travels throughout the United States and across the world performing innovative circus acts that capture the spirit of classical Vaudeville with a modern twist. He is available for shows and ambient roaming entertainment for live events.


Circus Skills:​

  • Character/Clown

  • Juggling/LED: (Balls, Clubs, Knives, LED)

  • Stilt-Walking (+juggling)

  • Unicycling (+juggling)

  • Rolling Globe / Ball Walking (+juggling)

  • Rola Bola / Pipe Balancing (+juggling)

  • Acrobatics / Parkour    


  • Vaudevillian Hat & Cane Manipulation

  Variety Juggler
Variety Circus Performer

Stilt Juggling


Juggler #2 - Plate Spinning, Unicycling, Juggling,
Tightrope, Acrobatic Handstands, Globe Walking, and more.

Juggler  Juggler
Plate Spinning Unicyclist
Tightrope Tightrope


Atmosphere Jugglers & Mimes


Jugglers Jugglers and Mimes

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