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C o m e d y   J u g g l e r s

Juggler #1 - Solo, Duo, or Family of Four

Comedy juggling providing up to a full hour of hilarious variety entertainment for all audiences.

The show can be an amazing mix of juggling, acrobatics, fire, handcuffs, multimedia lights, and other odd skills. With innovative juggling and impressive teamwork, the show is a guaranteed crowd pleaser unlike anything you’ve seen before. Their strolling entertainment includes juggling, duo acrobatics and ball spinning, light up props (clubs, rings and balls), and audience participation.

The show is designed with the premise: people want to laugh and see stuff they've never seen before. Add in a few spectacular juggling stunts and audience participation and you get a great show constantly full of surprises tha wll keep the audience laughing. The audience is involved without insult or embarrassment, making this show even more fun. Not only do you enjoy watching, you or your friends can even become the star of the show.

The show is guaranteed to be clean, professional, and suitable for any audience, and can customized to fit any occasion. They are always developing new and exciting ideas, and have an ability to constantly bring audiences something they have never seen before. Here are just a few of the original routines seen nowhere else:

The Artist - a hilarious and impressive act, where he draws an audience member's portrait while juggling at the same time.


Even when handcuffed behind his back, he performs amazing juggling feats! Spring Training - The World's Only Trained Performing Slinkys.

His ability to spin balls on his fingers is impressive, but he makes an audience member the star, spinning three large balls on his body at once.

The incredible jump-start into fire juggling. He jumps off a chair onto a teeterboard, launching three flaming torches into the air at the same time.

He spears an apple with a knife held in his teeth, while juggling. And does it all while balancing atop a six-foot tall unicycle.

Juggler #2 - Plate Spinning, Unicycling, Juggling,
Acrobatic Handstands, Globe Walking, and more.
Juggler  Juggler
Plate Spinning Unicyclist

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