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Our live ice sculpting shows are customized to your event. Typically shows include two ice carvers in full costume for a 20-25 minute show. We can also do pre-carved logos etc. and incorporate them into the shows as well as provide the DJ needed for our choreographed show to music.


Ice & Fire Shows


Fire & Ice Show




This group offers an ice show and a fire & ice show. They can perform or sculpt in any season in any temperature. They can do a live ice sculpting performance, amazing the audience by carving a beautiful detailed sculpture from a block of ice in 10 to 20 minutes. They also do displays, creating sculptures which will last for weeks, for spectators to enjoy.

They teach and collaborate with ice sculptors around the world, creating new technologies and ways of carving in an effort to perfect our craft and push its limits. Through the growth of the show, a family of the world's finest sculptors has formed, creating teams nationally and internationally, sculpting ice around the world. The body of work together is unsurpassed.

Live Shows
Ice Performance Shows start with several 300 lb blocks of ice on stage, placed randomly or stacked into a wall. The setting could include images being projected on the ice or on a white backdrop for the stage. They have their own video art which can be played with a LCD projector, if one is available.
Two performers enter the room either from behind the stage or the front door, whichever works best. Possibly, a spotlight follows them both as the walk through the audience. They are dressed in one of several costumes and an their custom soundtrack with cool upbeat music is being played. They interact with the crowd, making themselves noticed as they approach the stage.
Then, the performers pick up their tools and start sculpting with electric chain saws (not very loud), chisels and sanders; while creating smoke, sparks, and lots of eye candy. Occasionally, one or both of the performers jump into the crowd and interact with the guests.
Fast paced, the sculptors work on the piece, while unveiling surprises for the crowd. At anytime in this performance sculptures of logos or portraits of CEO's may be introduced.
The ice performance show climaxes when the piece of ice is completed and the performers toast the crowd with the sculpted glasses or perhaps the bring up onto the stage a CEO or VP.
These shows normally run 15 to 20 minutes, but can be tailored to your needs.

Big Displays
They will create sculptures that will defy your imagination!!! Ice sculptures can be used for many different venues:
* Small parks become winter wonderlands.
* Sculptures shine like diamonds in hotel entryways and patios to greet guests upon their arrival.
* Illuminated ice sculptures glow in the dark to create breathtaking light shows.
* With ice sculptures, location customization is virtually unlimited.

Although our works of art are made of ice, they are able to perform year round, in summer as well as winter. The blocks of ice they use are very large and dense and have the capability to hold up over the length of any event. There are an infinite number of possibilities with this show!

Corporate Events

The show is the medium of choice for some of today's largest corporations. This show is a promotional marketing vehicle with an outstanding portfolio in the ice sculpting industry that is unparalleled in the world. They can create events promoting your company, product, or service that will draw public attention as well as media exposure. Ice sculpting is a very hot, cutting edge medium. Everything is negotiable and nothing is impossible. The following clearly illustrates why you should use performance ice sculpting as a focal point of your marketing and public relations effort. Your company can incorporate ice sculpture into its new or ongoing promotional campaigns and new product introductions.

Fun Live Performances
They perform year round all seasons.
Cool down your summer event with an exhilarating ice sculpture performance that will both thrill and chill your audience. Warm your winter audience by decorating your festival with one of our classic sculptures.

They can sculpt in temperatures from below zero degrees Fahrenheit to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. They offer performances that fill any time constraint or allotment the client requires. Shows can run from 10 minutes to all weekend. The show can feature two to three professional ice sculptors, starting with 300 lb. blocks of clear ice. They turn blocks of ice into delicate works of art in record time as the audience watches in amazement. They can also execute a large custom ice sculpture for your event, by creating a design specific to your needs.


Set Designs
They produces sets for TV shows, print ads, TV commercials, fashion designers and musical performers. They will work within your theme or help you create one. The possibilities are endless. FNR have worked with the Today Show, House & Garden Magazine, Evian,
Badgley Mishka, Rocawear, Fubu and Ricky Martin, to name a few. Let these entertainers set the stage for your next big production.

Creative Media
Media/Advertising/Creative Energy/Decor Elements With print and media advertising overload of the 90's and new millennium, how can an organization position themselves or their products in a fresh innovative way? This is the medium of choice for some of todays biggest advertisers. All production can be conducted at our state of the art studio, or on site at a facility or studio of your choice. They will provide all personnel and equipment for a successful production. Set up, breakdown and clean up of ice is provided. They are experienced in the field of television and film.

Ice is particularly effective for getting your brand publicized. Just ask Fox Movies, Toys R Us and Carlsberg regularly use this group to get their logo on the air. They know all the tricks for maximum live air-time, in fact, this group does over 50 on camera appearances a year. They’d be happy to do a live interview, present your product, and do something special for the cameras.

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