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Graffiti Walls & Photos


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This cutting edge technology will bring a new, creative, fun, and interactive entertainment element to your event. Using digital spray paint and stencils, guests will create graffiti and leave with a 4X6 lab quality photo.


Product Description
  • Guest will stand in front of a white studio backdrop for a picture.
  • The picture is displayed instantly on the 10ft screen.
  • Guest can choose to draw on the picture using digital stencils, stamps or freestyle by hand.
  • Each sessions has a time limit which can be adjusted. 2-min is the standard time limit.
  • After the session is completed, the picture is then printed instantly.
  • Logo or messages can be added to the print.
  • Guest has the option to email their picture with the included tablet.



  • Dimly lit room. The system cannot operate in a bright room or outdoor area unless it’s after sunset.
  • There should be no bright source of light in front of the screen as it will throw off the spray can detection system.

Space needed: 10ft x 20ft

Graffiti Fun
Graffiti Fun
Graffiti Fun
Graffiti Fun

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