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Caricatures, Silhouettes
& Anime Portraits

Caricatures, Silhouettes and Anime Portraits are an unforgettable form of entertainment for your party. A great ice breaker, conversation piece, and gift your guests can take home to always remember your event.

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Guests can sit for the Artist or be entertained as onlookers. Children and adults alike enjoy becoming the center of attention!

Digital Caricatures
Live Caricatures like you’ve never seen before, using cutting edge digital technology guaranteed to impress your guests. As the Artist draws on a digital tablet, you watch every stroke in real time on a digital screen. Averaging 7-10/hr. in color or 15-20/hr. in B&W. Your name or company logo can be added to the caricature at your request. The drawing is printed as a 4"x6" or 8x10" photo for the guest along with a digital file or link so you and your guests can use as you desire (i.e. to make larger prints, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and hunderds of other souveniers). The files are yours to enjoy forever as a reminder of the party or event you attended.

Caricatures (Paper)
Watching a drawing take shape takes about 3-5 minutes. After asking each subject a little about themselves, the Artist quickly goes to work creating a personalized humorous illustration that leaves most of his sitters giggling at themselves.


Online Caricatres
The Artist's iPad drawing screen is directly broadcasted to your virtual event/meeting so everyone present can watch the drawings take shape.
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Silhouettes usually take 3-5 minutes each, are mounted and placed in plastic sleeves.


T-Shirt Caricatures
A fun and wearable piece of art! An artist will create your caricature on a t-shirt with wash-resistant markers. The image can be drawn using any colors desired. Artists can create around ten caricature t-shirts per hour in full color, and fifteen to twenty per hour in a single color. Guests of all ages will enjoy Caricature T-shirts.

Caricatures Digital Caricatures

Digital Caricatures
CaricatauresCaricatures  Caricatures

Digital Caricatures Digital Caricatures Digital Caricatures

Digital Caricatures Caricature Artist


Traditional Caricatures

Caricatures Caricatures

Online Caricatures

Online Caricatures


Silhouettes & T-Shirt Caricatures


Anime Portraits   
Anime Anime

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