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This ethnic dance company was formed in 1978 to preserve, perform and teach traditional folk dances from various countries around the world. Their primary goals has been to use dance to foster awareness and appreciation of other cultures and peoples. Over the years, the company has built a solid reputation for professionalism and excellence. They have presented thousands of shows in theaters, festivals, schools, and libraries and has appeared on television and in feature films. They are also involved in the teaching of ethnic dance to children and adults and maintains its own dance studio.



  • International Festival.
    Ring in the New Year with dances from around the world.
    Dances from Central & Eastern Europe. A great way to bring in the New Year.
  • Romantic Dances of Italy.
    Vivacious and romantic dances - perfect for a Valentine's Day Party. Italy through dance, song and music. Learn Italian folklore told through dance.
  • Irish Festival.
    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day at a good old Irish Ceili with lively Reels and Hornpipes. Authentic dances and costumes. Celtic culture of Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • Maypole Festival.
    Celebrate Spring or Mother's Day with an international medley of Maypole and Flower dances. Traditional May Day celebration. Climaxes with braiding of real Maypole.
  • Greek Festival.
    Recreate the atmosphere of a Greek Taverna!
    Perfect for Easter. All the excitement of a Greek Taverna.
    Dances from the land of Zorba the Greek
  • Mexican Celebration.
    Don't forget Cinco de Mayo with the exciting dances of nearby yet exotic Mexico.
    Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Independence Day. Wide variety of Mexican dance
  • American Dance Party.
    Have a patriotic picnic to celebrate the 4th of July and our American heritage!
    Down-home American dance party. Fun dances from all over the USA
  • Dances of Polynesia.
    You're invited to a Hawai'ian Lu'au to watch the beautiful and graceful dances of the South Pacific. Entrancing music and exotic dances.
    Lu'au includes dances of Hawaii, Tahiti and the Maoris
  • Oktoberfest.
    Celebrate a boisterous Munich Oktoberfest with dances from Germany, Switzerland & Austria.
    From Bavarian Hofbrauhaus to the Tirol valleys. Have the Oktoberfest spirit all year round!
  • American Hoedown.
    Celebrate our American roots with genuine Country-Western dancing for Thanksgiving.
    Filled with cowboy songs and dances. Learn a cowboy dance called "Cotton-Eyed Joe"
  • Hungary, Romania and Transylvanian Dances.
    Dances from different ethnic groups including Hungary, Romania and Transylvania.
  • Russian, Eastonian and Armenian Dances.
    Enjoy the folk dances of Russia, Eastonia and Armenia.
  • International Holidays.
    Our end of the year show celebrates the holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Las Posadas. Mixture of dances from various countries. Multi-cultural holiday celebration

Programs for Children:

  • Roots of American Dance.
    The origin of American folk dances from New England, Cajun Louisiana and Texas. Traces roots of traditional American dance. Students learn popular cowboy dance
  • Mexican Mosaic.
    A glimpse of the rich and colorful folk culture of our nearest neighbor.
    Explores native and foreign influences. Wide variety of Mexican dances.
  • Echoes of Polynesia.
    The influence of environment on dance and music in Hawaii, New Zealand and Tahiti.
    Authentic musical instruments and costumes. Stresses importance of island environment
  • Dances From Around the World.
    Scenes of folk life and dance from Romania, the Near East and Greece.
    Folk music from Eastern Europe to Middle East.
    Dance with familiar music of Zorba the Greek.
  • Pictures From the Past.
    The contributions of Italian, Irish, and German immigrants to our culture and dance.
    Explores European immigrant influences. Focuses on Italians, Germans and the Irish
  • Multi-cultural Holidays.
    California's multi-cultural heritage in dance for Christmas, Las Posadas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. December holiday customs in California. Mexican, German, African and Jewish dances.

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