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Native American Dancers


Native American

These authentic North American Indian dancers present their culture through song, dance and story from the regions of the Northwest, Southwest, and Great Plains tribes of North America. This multi-generational family dance troupe has been presenting North American Indian Culture programs at schools, libraries, fairs, and Pow Wows throughout the Nation.

Dance is an integral part of Native American life and a means of expression.

Their program reflects how our culture and traditions are passed on from generation to generation. All dancers have been dancing from the time they could walk.

Taos Pueblo Hoop Dance
Warrior Society Dance of the Omaha
The Eagle Dance
The Yakima Swan Dance

Solo Presentation:
As a solo presenter, the leader of this group demonstrates North American Tribal Dances with cultural context, music, and brilliant regalia.   His program includes: live singing and music, generations-old family stories, cultural/tribal customs about the Navajo people specifically and American Indians in general, and speaks in the language of his people - Navajo.  He also performs several different dances dressed in brilliant authentic regalia including: the Eagle Dance, Horse Dance, Grass Dance, Fancy Feather Dance and the ever popular Hoop Dance
Native American
where he takes about 15 hoops and using his body shapes them into symbols revered in the Native American culture (time permitting). He’s one of a small number of American Indians invited to participate and even coordinate Pow Wows because of his knowledge and authenticity.  He regularly performs at the Indian South West Museum and Gene Autry Museum in Los Angeles.  He is dedicated to dispelling misinformation and/or misconceptions many people hold towards American Indians.

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