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Can Can Dancers &
Moulin Rouge Dance Show


This group of dancers has both a Western-themed Cancan show as well as a Moulin Rouge-themed one. Both shows include a short meet and greet/photo session with guests after the show.

Western Show
This show includes a Dolly Parton style vocal number (or similar Western number) as well as a rowdy Cancan number.

Can Can Show
This show includes four numbers: one vocal number (either La Vie en Rose or an upbeat French opera song) follwed by two French dance cabaret numbers and ending with a French Cancan.

Moulin Rouge Theme Show
This show includes a Sparkling Diamonds fan dance featuring a Nicole Kidman tribute artist, a sophisticated Cancan number, and a dance routine to the song Lady Marmalade. The show is typically 3-4 numbers (8-10 minutes) or can be extended extend to a 20 minute show by adding Cabaret numbers or French songs in the style of French chanteuse, Edith Piaf, and even a French song from the popular opera, Carmen.

Cancan Cabaret brings a tantalizing twist on a classic dance to modern audiences. As the lights dim, a chorus line of long-legged ladies transports you back to the time of the deliciously risqe Moulin Rouge in France.  The authentic custom-designed period costumes are a colorful draw unto themselves, but it's what these dancers do in their designer skirts and frills that makes this Cancan Cabaret really sizzle singing, strutting, high-kicking, and cat-calling the night away.  This is a show with contagious energy and joie de vivre.

The length of the shows can be adjusted to suit every occasion from a sassy ten minutes to a full half-hour or more.  The specialized talents of these top-notch performers have already graced the stages of Las Vegas, Broadway, The Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall, and the Rose Parade.  Let their next venue be yours.

Show #2
Can Can Dancers
Moulin Cast
Moulin Rouge Show

The world's first completely modern, entirely electric, totally Bohemian, all singing, all dancing stage spectacular! Your evening of Moulin Rouge theme entertainment will be presented in a series of customized vignettes. For example, a three act show could unfold as follows:

Act 1:
Welcome to the Moulin Rouge
A Harold Zidler character, ruler of the Moulin Rouge opens the evening with “The Show Must Go On” as the cast makes their way through the audience to join him on stage. The show suddenly explodes into a colorful extravaganza of brilliant costumes, big sound and spectacular lighting effects as the stage comes to life with a diverse group of performers from the extravagantly dressed to the colorful Can-Can girls of the Moulin Rouge.

Act 2
Cabaret Singer
A classic cabaret segment with a Broadway accredited singer singing hauntingly beautiful jazz and blues influenced music.

Act 3
The Can Can

This high-energy production number is a visual array of colorful and wild costuming combined with the classic choreography of the genre. This fun and frivolous number is complete with high kicks, acrobatics and jump splits! Our dancers will have the guests clapping along and some participating on stage with this rousing glimpse into this timeless style of dance.

Show #3
video clip
Can Can
Can Can

Show #4
This dance troupe offers a Moulin Rouge Theme Show including 4 dancers. The show is 15-20 min. show including numbers to the songs Lady Marmalade, Moulin Rouge, Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend and a final Jazzy dance number.
Western Show #1
video clip
Can Can

Western Show #2
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Learn more about the full Western Show here.
Western Can Can Dancers

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