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From the thundering rhythms of the Buk-Chum (Drum Dance) to the graceful motion of the Hwa Kwan Moo (Flower Crown Dance) and the Buchae-Chum (Fan Dance), this ensemble brings the intriguing, beautiful dance and music of Korea to its audiences. Perfect for school Assemblies, Festivalsl, Private Parties, Wedding Receptions, those wanting to learn more about the cultures and art forms of this fascinating country or just for joyous and exotic entertainment for guests and to party goers.

The company includes up to 30 musicians and dancers, most of them originally from Korea. Founded in 1973, the Southern California-based company is recognized for the authenticity and purity of its performing style. The repertoire also includes world famous percussion ensemble ‘Samulnori”, Chang-go –Chum (Hour Glass Drum Dance), court and folk music ensemble for the back ground music for the reception or solo performance as well. Performance length varies from 15 minutes to 2 hour long, depending on the venue. School programs are typically 40-45 minutes. 

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