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Flamenco Troupe #1
This flamenco troupe consists of two guitarists, a male percussionist / dancer, two female dancers and a female singer and dancer. They perform traditional flamenco -- staying true to the art, always entertaining and providing a memorable flamenco experience. The audience is treated to the fire of the flamenco guitar, the excitement of the percussion and rhythms of the cajon, and the beauty and passion of the dance. Performances also include the lost art of the Spanish castanets.
Flamenco Troupe #2
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Flamenco Troupe #2

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music clip: solo
music clip: trio

Trio: The band plays as a Trio including Acoustic Guitar, Tres Cubano and various hand percussion instruments including Cajón, Maracas and Bongo. The music includes a wide variety musical styles including: Rumba Flamenca, Son Cubano, Cumbias, Boleros, Festejo (Afro-Peruano), Jazz and Bosa Nova. Together with harmonized vocals they produce an innovative sound based on these diverse traditions. Each member of the Trio is an experienced professional musician with years of formal and informal training. This extensive study and dedication to music is necessary in order to play such a wide variety of musical styles. The members have performed in large theaters and national and international tours.
Flamenco Troupe #3

This flamenco dance & music troupe was formed in 2000 to provide audiences with the essence of Flamenco Dance. They are known for the artistic blend of design, style, passion, and grace. The comany'is elegant dancing excellently bridges the gap of time through the ages of the flamenco traditions.

The company has performed at numerous Festivals, Beauty Pageants, Concerts, etc. and varies in size depending on the event with as may as 15 people: 10 dancers (2 male and 8 female), 2 singers, 2 guitarists, and 1 percussionist; or as small as 2 dancers with guitarist and singer.

Flamenco Dance Shows

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The dance troupe leader has an extensive background in dance, dancing everything from tap to Bharakanatym. She began dancing Flamenco 16 years ago at when she obtained her BA in dance. She has studied and lived in Spain many years living at different times in Madrid, Sevilla, and Jerez. Her most influential teachers have been Manolo Marin , Maria Pages, Carmen Cortez, and Alicia Marquez. In Los Angeles she currently performs with several dance companies and directs her own company as well with up to eight dancers, guitarists, singers and musicians

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