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Jewish Bottle Dancers


Jewish Bottle Dancers


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What is The Bottle Dance?

[Yiddish: flash tantz, flaschen-tanz, flashtanz]:
An age-old traditional Eastern European Jewish folk dance in which one or more men dance with a wine bottle balanced on the head. Usually accompanied by klezmer music, it is most often performed at weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs and other celebrations in joyful homage to the guests of honor.


The words "bottle dance" summon up more than steps. You remember a line of black-suited men, arms linked, knees jackknifed in deep plie, brows furrowed in concentration, slowly, deliberately thrusting their legs out and propelling themselves forward without toppling the wine bottles perched precariously on their hats. And you remember the mixture of surprise and delight and suspense, the feeling that you were being transported into the realm of the impossible...

Our thrilling 20-minute performance (which culminates in an unforgettable Klezmer Hora, right out of the Old Country) is a great additionto your DJ or Band, and adds the perfect touch of "tradition" to your celebration! Typically, a performance includes a "Rabbi" (emcee) and three dancers. A perfect touch for any Bar/Batmitzvah to introduce the honored star of the event, get everyone up dancing the Hora, and more while adding humor and energy. Entertainment for the adults and the kids.

Our hilarious, surprise entrance is "personalized" and "peppered" with the names of your honored guests!

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