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Salsa & Tango  Band

Once in a while, a singer comes along that is the epitome of music. They live it, they feel it, they sense it, they exude it, and they become it. This singer was born in San Pedro, Argentina birthed her fabulous band in 1996 to express the many musical styles of Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bossa Nova, Regional Mexican, and Ballads with much success. However, it was not until she performed Tango, that her destiny was fulfilled. She felt the surge of having found the place, the style, and the native soil, streaming through her veins, came out as a song of passion. And she became a Tango singer.


Having found her path, this singer birthed her first CD in 2003. Now on her second release, she realizes one of her long time dreams of recording with El Maestro, Jose Luis "Pepe" Motta in her home land of Bs. As., Argentina. This production is a collection of unforgettable songs within the Tango genre like: "Sus Ojos Se Cerraron,"Garufa" and more. Also includes the original song "Soy La Segovia, Soy El Gotan", written by Argentinean composer Lito Solanas. Tango is a fusion of romanticism and realism, and she captures its essence with a passionate rendition, that not only allows us to listen, but to also feel each one of the songs. As if they were new releases, these classic songs, are re-discovered due to her interpretation, energetic, playful, sensual, and always powerful.

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