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Entertainment & Dance Packages

Create the perfect day with the imaginative professionalism of Hot Peppers Productions. We are your one-stop shopping center.
Choose from the finest of talent to make your day fabulous and first-rate.
Our entertainment packages will be carefully chosen to match your individual needs and delight your guests from the very first moment to the very last.

First Dance Choreography

We will choreograph a passionate and elegant first dance so that you become the highlight of the evening. Once you have learned the secret to dips, turns and partnership dancing, your photographer and videographer will thank you for providing excellent photographic memories ... that you will cherish for a lifetime. Your friends and family will be dazzled by your new moves ... that will make you shine at many parties to come.

Our expert instructor will tailor the lessons to meet your individual needs. You may need just a few brush up lessons or we can start from the beginning by assisting in choosing the perfect song, teaching two left feet to dance with rhythm, choreograph an original dance to suit your abilities and tastes and even video tape you so you can practice with perfection at home.

Read about Antonio as Master First Dance Choreographer in the Press-Enterprise article
"First Dance Fix-Up" on our Media Page. "At Hot Peppers, Madrigal works with newlyweds to develop one-of-a-kind first dances that fit the couple's personality....The first dance sets the tone of the reception...You want the audience to fall in love with you and stay all night."

Choreography Articles featuring Antonio

"At Hot Peppers, Madrigal works with newlyweds to develop one-of-a-kind first dances that fit the couple's personality....The first dance sets the tone of the reception...You want the audience to fall in love with you and stay all night."

Press Enterprise Press Enterprise LA Times

"At Hot Peppers, Madrigal uses his more than 30 years of ballroom and Latin dance experience to help couples add flair, excitement and drama to their first dance. An increasing number of newlyweds are stepping onto the dance floor to a mixture of ballroom, fox trot and even salsa, he said. Dean and Amanda Bong wanted their dance to contain an element of surprise and a visual display of their love for each other. They spent four hours with Madrigal to prepare a slow, romantic first dance for their recent wedding in Murrieta. Madrigal created a dance routine using a combination of waltz and fox trot dance steps... “We wanted to show our family and friends the love we have for each other, and what better way to do that than through our first dance,” said Dean Bong."

 Grand Entrance Choreography

We will choreograph the Grand Entrance of your Wedding Party so that they enter in style, pose elegantly on the dance floor as the backdrop to your First Dance (and for the photographer), and gracefully escort you to your table.

 Reception Coordination Advice

An event coordinator is always best. But if you do not have one, we can suggest how to blend entertainment into your event so that it flows best.

 Reception and Cocktail Music

We have many artists from which to choose. Whether you require a solo harpist, a Mariachi, a Spanish Classical guitarist, a chamber ensemble or an entire choir, we will surround you with the perfect setting for your special day.

 Disc Jockey Services

We have many professional DJs to match your perfect needs. Your music selection will ensure the perfect, seamless music mix to set the tone and inspire your guests to dance the night away. And be sure to ask us about our creative Emcee twists on traditions for a unique and joyful day that matches your tastes perfectly and leaves every guest with a simile on their face.

 Bands & Orchestras

We have many professional bands from which to choose. Just browse our Entertainment page to select duos to large orchestras.

Dancers & Entertainers

It's your day - so design it with your unique flair.

Dazzle your guests and create a fairytale theme by arriving in a Horse Drawn Cinderella Carriage.

Add energy with dancers. Add dance performers and instructors to teach your guests the latest steps. Transform your guests from passive onlookers to energetic participants and make your event a non-stop, joyful celebration for all to remember.

If you want Entertainers - the sky's the limit. From walk around magicians to comedians to fireworks or even cirque style acrobats suspended from ribbons on the ceiling. Let us design the perfect day of entertainment for you.

 Live Event Painters

Our painters will memorialize your special day by painting live at the wedding reception. Capture the newlyweds or the entire event on canvas for years to come.

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