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A c t i o n   P a i  n t i n g   S h o w #2

If you are looking for the ultimate live art experience, this is it!  Action Painting is a high-energy speed painting performance that combines art, music and audience participation.  Your guests will watch as paintings come to life in less than ten minutes on larger-than-life canvases.  The painting is choreographed to music and can be produced along with other live entertainment such as dancing and musical performances.  It can be a pure spectator performance or we can intensify the experience with audience interaction. In both cases, your guests will be in awe of the heart pounding, electrifying performance, and leave with a one of a kind experience.

Customize or choose from many fantastic canvas subjects.
If you have a movie, famous actor, athlete, animal or historical figure in mind, we can perform that as well. We believe the sky is the limit so if you dream it, we can deliver it.
Action Painter #3

Action Painting #3

Action Painting

Some popular icons include:  

Elvis Presley
Muhammad Ali
Bono of U2
Frank SInatra
Bruce Springsteen
Jerry Garcia
Ray Charles
Eddie Veder
Barack Obama
Martin Luther King Jr.
Bob Marley
Michael Jackson
Slash of Guns and Roses
Abraham Lincoln
Marilyn Monroe

Action Painting

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