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M i m e s ,   H u m a n   S t a t u e s   &  R o b o t s

Our Human Statue performers create classic and unique entertainment for your event. We can customize statues to speak any theme. Use them for:

   • atmosphere to speak your theme
   • singing opera (see video)
   • shows choreographed to music
   • human fountains (see video)
   • promotion of your product or logo

Each performer has been trained in slow-motion movement and expression to bring the statues to life. We start in stillness and then begin to subtlety interact with the guests. So your guests will frequently come back to "visit" the statue and have a photo taken.

We’ve found that many times people think we are "real" statues and the fun begins when they try to convince a friend that the statue winked or moved a body part. Our statues are also able to "come alive" and move in extreme slow motion around the room, for a greater degree of interaction. Some even sing opera.

We can perform on raised pedestals that can be placed at an entrance as a very strong visual or within a specific setting within the cocktail, dinning area or main ballroom. We also specialize in working for different companies at trade shows ... to draw people into a booth area, and to promote a specific product or company, either by wearing a logo or holding and or demonstrating a specific product.

Classic Statues
Human Statues

Carnival Mimes
Carnival Mimes

Singing Opera Statues
 Singing Stautes

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Statue Liberty Human Statues 
Statues Warriors Human Statues Warriors
Painter Human Plant Statues Human Plant Statues
Human Statues Toy Soldiers Human Statues Toy Soldiers Mimes & Statues
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Sample Themes

Greek Discus Athlete
Roman Soldiers
Carnival Mimes
Silver Man
Gold Awards
Southwestern Statue
Cirque & Classical Mimes
Pierrot or Court Jester
Policia Character
Mechanical Man/ Robot
Santa Claus
Wooden Soldier

Ice Queen
Blown in the Wind
Bronze Retro Business Man
Bronze Statues on Bench
Oscar Statues
Roman Soldier
Human Plants
Toy Soldiers
Statue of Liberty
Samsonite Gorilla
Japanese Butoh Dancers

The Venetian Carnival Mimes will be appearing throughout the party bringing spontaneous mystique and tomfoolery wherever they go. Their fabulous Carnival masks were imported from Italy, especially for this special occasion.

A Policia character can be very interactive; strolling about the site, inspecting drinks, looking for clues, helping people into chairs, etc ... these comic bits from the Commedia were called Lazzi, and there are many we can adept. The character can be viewed as someone who is generally "policing" people to make sure they're having fun, and he will instigate gently humorous situations. The actor I will get will be an expert mime and improvisational performer. We can get him a billy-club or maybe a huge magnifying glass for "inspections" ... maybe a whistle or a bicycle horn (with squeeze bulb).

Human Plant Statues: Almost 9 feet tall, these human plant statues are impressive in size and in beauty. At night, the flower balls are illumined for a stunning effect. As they come alive, their show is all about grace, elegance and romance. They perform up to 3 x 30 minute sets or 2 x 45 minute sets.

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