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Hot Peppers Entertainment

F l a p p e r,   J a z z,  20s - 30s C h o r u s   G i r l s

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FlapperJazz FlapperJazzFlapperJazz Flapper
FlapperJazz FlapperJazz
Holiday Cane Holiday White

This song and dance act pays homage to the effervescent chorus girls of a bygone era...the gals with the happy feet!  With a nostalgic wink to flappers of the 1920's and bubbly chorus girls of the swinging 1930's & 1940's, they captivate audiences with their intoxicating energy and dazzling display of top notch entertainment.  

These performers have appeared nationally and internationally at iconic venues including The Rainbow Room, The Plaza Hotel, JFK Library, The Queen Mary, USS Midway and Palais Royale.

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