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Hailed by critics as, “Brilliant! The American Bocelli!” and compared to great tenors of the past like Mario Lanza, this singer has ability to mix the power and intensity of opera with the lyric appeal of pop music. This musical fusion, combined with the passion and creativity to compose his own original music is what sets him apart. Add his powerful stage appeal, good looks, warm personality and you have a recipe for international appeal. He is a truly a one-of-a-kind performer.

Oper & Popera 1

Born and raised in Southern California , his earliest musical aspirations started at the age of 6, teaching himself to play the Hammond Organ. At the are of 9 he took up the guitar fascinated by both Classical and Rock styles. His true talent was really discovered by chance when at the age of 17 he learned that he could sing. Opportunity showed itself and lead him to audition for the prestigious performing arts scholarship at the Southern California Conservatory of Music. He earned the scholarship for four consecutive years and went on to earn his degree majoring in voice with a minor in classical guitar.

He first stage experience was not in music but as the youngest member (age 5) of an international dance troop. He made his music debut at the age of 14 and continues to perform his unique blend of musical styles to captivated audiences from coast to coast. He posseses a remarkable repertoire of over 140 songs that spans 5 languages and encompasses almost every musical genre from opera, “popera” and show tunes to rock, pop, oldies, and even a little bit of country as well as his original material.

He has performed at many venues for various occasions. Currently he is collaborating with a world renowned producer to record his first original Album which will contain many of his own songs. He often finds creative inspiration in his European and Hispanic roots and his life experiences are intimately reflected in his lyrics and compositions.

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