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Hot Peppers Entertainment

F e m a l e  V a r i e t y   B a n d

A female-fronted party band that can range in size from a small acoustic trio to a 10-piece dance band with horns, violin, and multiple singers -- this band is truly a one-of-a-kind band for your next special event! These ladies (and gentlemen) really know how to get the party started! The band's diverse song list includes a variety of hit dance songs from a selection of Top 40s, 80s, Classic Rock, Pop, Oldies, Motown, and more. With incredible showmanship and through-the-roof talent, they will keep your guests engaged and dancing through the duration of your event!


  • Top 40s
  • Motown
  • 80s
  • Classic Rock
  • Oldies
  • Jazz Standards

The lineup

  • Female Vocalists¬†
  • Electric/Acoustic Guitar
  • Keyboards
  • Electric/Acoustic Bass
  • Drums/Percussion

Optional features

  • Violin
  • 3-piece Horn Section
  • Multiple Vocalists (as many as 3)
  • Male Vocals


  • 5-piece band with lead singer, guitar, keyboard, bass, and drums
  • 7-piece band with additional singer and violinist
  • 10-piece band with 2 singers, violin, and 3 horns
  • 3-piece acoustic cocktail hour band

Hot Peppers Productions
40170 Stowe Road
Temecula, CA 92591 USA
Tel. 951-491-0480
www.hotpep.com  info@hotpep.com